About us

Bergen Rustfri Industri AS (BRIAS) is a privately owned entrepreneurial company.
Established by Frode Arefjord and Asbjørn Olsen. Startup 1.juni- 2010.

Brias develops and manufactures products exactly according to customer needs and wishes.
We supply a wide variety of products.
Our services are: welding, sheet metal work, piping, cutting / machining, mounting & installation on / offshore.
Design / drawing and strength calculation is performed internally and externally.
We process all metals, and are specialist in high-alloy steels.
We have customers in all fields and disciplines; Oil / Gas, Maritime sector, Building / Construction, Water / Energy, Fisheries, Food industry.
We have a long experience / knowledge and a good understanding of the customer industry and needs.
Our customers are; Large corporate customers, international / national and minor clients, also private.

Our big advantage is to provide quality on short deadlines.
We supply products of the highest level, we are BRIAS!
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